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Vintage bowl, no nics,cracks, excelante

Vintage bowl, no nics,cracks, excelante

Use old lamps to make bird feeders

25 Awesome Upcycled DIY Projects

Recycled Lamp birdbaths This is made from an old lamp base and a fancy scalloped ceiling fixture bowl. Whoever buys this will have their birds drinking and bathing in style and elegance


Fire King Glass Apples & Cherries Mixing Bowl Complete Set of 4 Nested Bowls in Pottery & Glass, Glass, Glassware

A BOWL bought at a $3 sale has turned into a lucky bargain hunter:The small pottery bowl, finely crafted with an ivory glaze, turned out to be a thousand-year-old Ding bowl, dating from the Song dynasty, which ruled China from 960 to 1279   Sotheby's had estimated the bowl would sell for $US200,000   It sold to London art dealer Giuseppe Eshenazi for $US2.225 million

This undated photo provided by Sotheby's Auction House in New York shows a Chinese "Ding" bowl from the Northern Song Dynasty.

Cut off top of glass bottles arrange on post

I should have save the bottle tops to my wedding lanterns I made! Garden sculpture with the tops of bottles placed over a pipe or rebar .would make a cool looking rain chain

Create your own birdfeeder

10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders

How to recycled glass bird feeder. Attract birds with the beautiful color, texture and shape of glass and add some functional garden art to your yard.

Garden art- PVC Pipe covered in tiles and capped off with a drainer dish!

Create Mosaic Magic in Your Garden: Eight, and PVC pipes cut to varying heights serve as the bases for these mosaic pillars. Overturned terra-cotta saucers turn two of the pipes into pedestals; the third cradles a flowerpot.

Alternative Gardning: How to Make Garden Stepping Stones Kid crafts kid craft ideas #kids #craft by dorothea

How to Make Stepping Stones - with a Cake Pan Alternative Gardning: How to Make Garden Stepping Stones Want great suggestions concerning arts and crafts?