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D-Kid Blog: The sweet life as a diabetic child. New blog coming soon written by a child with type 1 diabetes.

Many Schools Failing on Type 1 Diabetes Care

Many schools are failing on type 1 diabetes care and management. However, the American Diabetes Association’s Safe at School campaign is there to make sure ALL children with diabetes are medically safe and have the same educational opportunities as their peers. Our own Crystal Jackson, Safe At School director, says, “I hope parents, and loved ones of someone with diabetes, read this article and learn unfair treatment like this is illegal.”

Nick Jonas is featured in the newest issue of Us Weekly speaking about his 10 year journey with Type 1 Diabetes and showcasing the continuous glucose monitoring technology that makes his management easier.

Life With Type 1 Diabetes

My sister isn't the only one living with it.

In this excerpt from the book Kids First, Diabetes Second, some advantages and disadvantages of using an insulin pump are given.First Diabetes Second

18 Truths People With Type 1 Diabetes Wish Others Understood

Things people with Type 1 wish others would understand. My patients make me proud every day. Check out the website I recently started for my patients:

Here is an excerpt from my book Kids First, Diabetes Second. When Q was refusing receiving injections, Rufus the Bear with Diabetes helped her cope. I also discuss giving children with type 1 diabetes choices and when there is no choice.

type1day1 is a film by Neil Greathouse that examines diagnosis and initial fears when you develop Type 1 diabetes.

Insulin Nation’s editor points out strategies he believes will lead toward a more perfect union of support.

A mom's concept for a blood glucose meter that would send her child's blood sugar to her automatically through WIFI or cell service. Diabetes