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A bunch of baboons decided to take over a house in Betty's Bay near Cape Town in South Africa and began ransacking the place. A neighbor caught it all on video and managed to get them to leave. Read more & watch video: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/350480

Baboons are primates, a group of mammals that includes monkeys, apes and humans. Primates have large brains relative to their size and these clever adaptable creatures are thought to be the most intelligent of all animals.

Should Pets Be Allowed In Hospitals?  If you love animals please visit www.whatcanwe.org and say yes to this!

Should Pets Be Allowed In Hospitals? I totally approve of this positive trend. There is so much literature out there about how pets help people recuperate and deal better emotionally with illness. As long as reasonable precautions are taken, why not?

Over two decades after the civil war in Mozambique finished, the country has now achieved 'free of known landmine' status. | Africa Geographic

Rats sniff out landmines in Mozambique - Africa Geographic

En 2010, en plein milieu de la crise des éboueurs de la ville de Naples, l’administration norvégienne avait proposé à la municipalité italienne d’acheter une grande partie de leurs déchets accumulés lors de cette période (1 400 tonnes d’objets à recycler par jour). Cependant, la transaction n’a jamais été conclue et la Norvège a préféré importer du Royaume-Uni et aimerait bien s’attaquer aux déchets américains.

C’est le monde à l’envers : la Suède et la Norvège importent des déchets pour alimenter leurs centrales

Agulhas National Park opens new chalets - http://www.environment.co.za/national-parks/agulhas-national-park-opens-new-chalets.html

The South African National Parks has launched seven brand new chalets in the Agulhas National Park. This is in addition to eight chalets built initia .

The Cape Floral Region

The Cape Floral Region - a global biodiversity hotspot with of African plants growing there including Rooibos

Emela-ntouka is a Central African giant elephant-killing beast with a huge horn like a rhino. It makes a terrible snort/growl noise

Rampaging Ntouka Monster from Guild Wars Nightfall. The Emela-ntouka is an African legendary creature in the mythology of the Pygmy tribes, and a cryptid purported to live in Central Africa. Its name means "killer of the elephants"

Play behavior in elephant calves differs between the sexes; females run or chase each other, while males play-fight. Females remain in their family groups for life but males leave to live a solitary life or join all-male groups.

49 Pictures of Baby Elephants