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Struggle: Many of the young seals are less than three weeks old and are dependent on constant care from RSPCA staff

More than 100 orphaned seal pups rescued by RSPCA

The adorable pups, many of them under three weeks old and needing constant care, are being looked after at the East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk.

German Shepherd - Lover By Sharon Cummings Throw Pillow 20" x 14"

German Shepherd - Lover Throw Pillow for Sale by Sharon Cummings - 20" x 14"

German Shepherd - Lover Painting by Sharon Cummings - German Shepherd - Lover Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

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How Humans can learn from Dogs | Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan

How humans can learn from dogs

Cutthroat Captivity

Asher Jay’s “Cut Throat Captivity,” shows an orca and numerous dolphins leaping from a coliseum surrounded by blood-red water. At the bottom of the print, two figures hack at the dolphins they’ve dragged into their small boat.

Save a Pitbull.

This is so true! I am beyond thankful God blessed me with a loving heart for animals.

French bull♥︎

husky this is what my cat does sleep with her tongue hanging out sometimes funny and cute.

I may go french though as well

True so far- I think I'd like to always have at least one GSD and maybe add a rescue Australian Shepherd or Husky

Dog saves cat with blood transfusion -- animals can be blood donors too!

Dog Blood Saves Poisoned Cat's Life in New Zealand

Pets on the beach: puppy lying on a towel

Pets on the beach – your pictures

We actually got Gadget while in Bulgaria, but this puppy photo reminds us of a great holiday. Now she's older we can't go to the beach any more without her digging a trench around the towel to protect us (and covering us in sand)