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I Worked Out 6 Times A Week But My Body Never Transformed—Until I Made This Simple Change

Pumpkin - Look for: Firm and heavy; avoid ones that are mushy and blemished. - Reap these benefits! Good source of fiber, which is good for blood sugar control, potassium for keeping blood pressure in check and overall heart health and lutein, for eye health.

Fruit & Herb Flavored Water

Naturally Flavored Water -- An easy formula for making an endless variety of fruit and herb infused waters. Say goodbye to soda, juice, and bottled water!

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice Recipe Perfect amount of sweet and sour. So delicious!! We will definitely be making this one again!

Green Smoothie

Pinner said: "I drink this every morning- it has helped me lose all my post-pregnancy baby weight! Now I weigh less than when I got pregnant!"

Berry Green Smoothie

Berry Green Smoothie - Make-ahead freezer friendly smoothies that are healthy. I will use AGAVE or HONEY, instead of sugar and ALMOND Milk

Banana Mango Smoothie

1 cup frozen mango ~ 1 large banana ~ 1 tbs chia seeds ~ 1/2 cup orange juice ~ 1/2 cup almond milk (or regular or coconut milk) ~ favourite optional add-in: 1-2 drops Orange or Lemon essential oil