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This fall, Safeway launched private-label tea pods under the Safeway Select brand in Earl Grey, Jasmine Green Tea and Chai varieties.

Salada Active Blend Green Teas in single-serve cups. Salada Active Blend Green Tea Energy Boost features a blueberry flavor and contains ingredients including caffeine, vitamin B complex, panax ginseng and taurine to provide energy. Salada Active Blend Green Tea Fiber Boost features an all-natural lemon flavor and provides 10 percent of the daily recommended of fiber in one cup

Influenced by the worlds of boutique wine, gourmet chocolate and potency herbs, Rishi Tea, Milwaukee, offers cocoa cabernet tea. The harmony of red wine grape skins, açaí and maqui berries, rich roasted cocoa nibs and accents of black pepper provides a cup that delights the taste buds while fortifying the body. When brewed, the beverage has a robust body with deep notes of cocoa, dark fruits and just a hint of spice

Instead of the widely used 'gummy bear' taste, the drink has a fruity mango-lemon flavour, with a slight green tea taste. The idea to use pure, organic Matcha green tea powder instead of a tea extract.