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This picture shows global warming to me because the polar bear has barely any ice left and is about to be in the water which shows how it was melted from heat.

HELP SAVE THE POLAR BEARS! The polar ice caps are melting due to global warming and they are dying at a rapid rate! Help save them and do your part!

A frog standing on one leg.

Because sometimes you just need a dancing frog to make you smile ; Remember the dancing frog in the Looney Tunes cartoons?

Pug in a swing! The only think that could possible make this cuter is if he was wearing a sweater:)

A pug in a swing. What could be cuter than a pug in a swing?

Fat Pants McGee

I like carrots. Nope, I loooove carrots. They fit so nicely in my chubby hamster cheeks. (I think hamster?