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DIY Lace Doily Pendant Lamp

15 Coisas incríveis que você não sabia que poderia fazer com balões de festa

Beautiful lamp shades - paint doilies (or leave them natural), cover in wallpaper paste and stick to a balloon. Wait for the dollies to dry (preferably overnight), pop the balloon. Et voila! Its a bowl.a lampshade.you decide.

My DIY Projects: How To Make Mediterranean-Style Lace Lamp

How To Make Mediterranean-Style Lace Lamp-- May just be a good example for balls for wedding reception.

DIY tshirt plant hanger

DIY: T-Shirt Plant Hanger - Tutorial. I've started buying hanging plants for my new porch and was thinking of making some 'macrame' hangers for the pots. I like this updated idea and will certainly give them a try.

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15 Creative DIY Pendant Light Ideas You Will Like

I've noticed more and more that people get rid of doilies either by thrifting them, giving them away for free, or throwing them out. Here's a creative and unique looking idea for a light shade using doilies.

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DIY cupcake liner flower lights  maybe a bit too silly, but so cute!

DIY: Cupcake Liner Flower Light Strand - Photo mosaic only. Easily replicated esp w so many beautiful cupcake liners out there. These bright colors would be pretty for a summer BBQ.

i will eventually make a lamp like this.

Blow up a balloon, cover it in doilies using a craft glue. When it's dry, pop the balloon & you have an awesome decoration. Bet you could use it as the lampshade on a small pendant light, too. Great-gramma's and my MIL's doilies may find another use.