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Data scientists have hundreds of probability distributions from which to choose. Where to start?  Data science, whatever it may be, remains a big deal.

Common Probability Distributions: The Data Scientist’s Crib Sheet - Data Science Central

The #Science Behind #SocialMedia, Natural Langu..

The #Science Behind #SocialMedia, Natural Language and Big Data (Infographic)

Machine Learning: Harness The Full Power Of The Social Web. The Science Behind Social Media, Natural Language And Big Data.

by Angela Guess Babak Hodjat recently wrote for the Huffington Post, “‘But this technology has been around for years now!’ That’s the refrain I commonly hear these days when talking to more seasoned AI practitioners about the resurgence of AI and machine learning. The origins of many of the scaled machine learning techniques in vogue …

This the power of Artificial Intelligence.Distributed AI can handle huge amount of data easily.