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Vintage 1976 Critter Sitters Sticker sheet I had this exact page of stickers! And I really treasured my critter sitter jeans with the penguin on the pocket!

Vintage 1976 Critter Sitters Sticker sheet by by STICKERPLANET, These were all over my school notebooks.

Cat Happiness Sandra Boynton 80s vintage sticker. $2.50, via Etsy. I had a TON of Boynton stickers

Cat Happiness Sandra Boynton vintage sticker🎈I had a TON of Boynton stickers

Personalized stickers #80s. They never had my name!

Personalized stickers - I was always jealous of my sisters always having name stickers (Jennifer &Sarah) and I could never find my name (Adrienne).

Stuck on You – The 80s Sticker Album | Like Totally 80s

38 Things That Will Take Kids Back To Their Elementary School Days. Such great memories.

Sticker collectors of the 80s knew that "oilies" were premium tradeables.   # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Sticker collectors of the knew that "oilies" were premium tradeables.haha omg i actually had the ones on the bottom, the ice cream sundae ones (figures lol)

How many of these cool old scratch-n-sniff stickers do you remember?

Smell this! 50+ vintage scratch 'n sniff stickers