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Marbleized Easter Eggs! Olive oil and Easter egg dye in a shallow plate and swirl the egg around!

Marbleized Easter Eggs- pour Olive oil and dye in a shallow plate and swirl the egg around

One Charming Party : Easter

Marbleize eggs: first dye in a solid color, then dye in a dark colored dye mixed with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Kool-aid coloring

DIY Kool-Eggs by Jen Renee via her site. EASTER EGGS dyed with Kool-Aid. 1 packet koolaid + C

Tie dye eggs with a colander

Use food coloring and a strainer Pink and Green Mama: Easy Kid-Friendly Way To Dye Easter Eggs!

This is AWESOME, Just add margarine to your egg dye

PSusie's Psychedelic Easter Eggs

Bring excitement to egg dying this easter! Here are 12 ways you can dye those easter eggs and have a ton of fun with the kids!

How to dye Easter eggs -12 different ways!

12 ways to dye Easter eggs Looking for something a bit more special this year? Or just the basics on how to dye easter eggs. We have you covered! How to dye Easter eggs in 12 different ways!

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Guest Post: Natural Easter Egg Dyes

24 Easter Egg Designs To Dye For | IN A FIX | Rubber cement, the adhesive you use to paste paper in scrapbooks, turns out also to be a great design tool. Drizzle it over eggs for one-of-a-kind patterns, then dip them in dye.

Easter Eggs: DIY Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter eggs "Use Easter egg dye to make different colors of rubber cement. Drizzle rubber cement over your eggs, let dry, then dunk eggs in dye colors. Super easy, super messy, lay down some newspaper before hand!" Now why didn't I think of this?

10 Easy Easter Egg Ideas: use paper towels and food coloring to create a tie dye effect