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Typography Mania #204 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration#tipografia #vintage #tipografiavitage #vicente #typhography #HV

Typography Mania #204

Metropolis comes from the the industrial movement of the 1920s where skyscrapers where born. Using a double line technique, I wanted to create my own Art Deco style font that represented this era. The result is a bold, bumptious typeface with a stolidly calm disposition. Designed byJosip Kelavafrom Melbourne, Australia. You can follow Josip on his own portfolio site, behance or twitter.

Metropolis 1920 by Josip Kelava Melbourne, Australia. Metropolis 1920 comes from the industrial movement of the where skyscrapers where born.


Items similar to Hand drawn monogrammed print, the Letter L, in the color blue on Etsy

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Lettering & Logo design inspiration I love the format of the background image driving the brand imagery.

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Ähnliches Foto

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Some of these stunning typography and lettering works are brand new, a lot of of them are very old. They all share that they evoke emotion and are very unique

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Alquimia Typeface designed by Luis Miguel Torres and Diego L. I love the futuristic and cryptic look to it.------- this font would be used for some kind of disney film, it seems pretty childish

ritengo che questo poster sia un " good typography" perchè le parole creano un quadro che incanta il pubblico . Il carattere si adatta all'atmosfera del quadro . Anche i colori sono di grande contrasto con il nero. La scelta del font e della posizione è efficace prende lo scopo di questo poster prende significato. Tutte le caratteristiche dei principi tipografici in questo poster si fondono insieme in modo ottimale è adeguato per la promozione di questo poster.

By Jen Sublasky. I really like the design in this flyer, though hard to read. As far as proximity is concerned, everything is right next to each other. There is no repetition to be seen. The contrast that makes it appear as a glass of beer.

Typographic inspiration

Typographic inspiration: 10 great examples

Beautiful design - "Horse is a luxury magazine about art, fashion and travels. Various section covers for the magazine by Eren Saracevic. They misspelled "accessories". I haven't the heart to tell them.