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I like how she's not pretty because I mean the maze runner girl is described as gorgeous, katniss is described as as radiant as the sun, so it's nice to have an author that doesn't make the girls and guys 'perfect'.

dinner should probably be sometime healthy since we've been eating junk the whole trip. we had lettuce on our burgers last night. you picked it off. it left its essence.

Honestly him as a character and him as an actor are both perfect why

I made this after watching the ending of Merlin, while also accounting for the ending of Sherlock and the regeneration from the 10th Doctor to the 11th Doctor.

Nozaki-kun ~~ You can't help but laugh as our high school manga-ka turns boys into girls and girls into boys all for the sake of shoujo manga!

I literally have been waiting for this post all my life.

If you say "one last time" you will have 8 fan girls fall to the ground in tears and go into shock over their love for Hamilton... that's the difference. Make sense? (can we make this statement popular or?