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Turning Transmission Towers into Giant People

Icelandic architects create electricity pylons shaped like humans

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NRC: Figure Examples of typical transmission line towers for Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants Vol.

Street Art by Pavel Puhov

Street Art by Pavel Puhov

By carefully removing some of the snow next to a street light, Russian street-artist Pavel Puhov created these cool glasses.

Ienami Bonkei planters by Metaphys. Tiny "grass roof" planters, only 10cm-cube!

Create Your Own Mini Villages with the Bonkei Planters

Minimal Ienami Bonkei planters by Metaphys. Inspired by foliage from ancient Japanese culture, the designer created these planters that are much like a mini home. Once plants are added, a small town sprouts up, like a community garden.



Coolest shot glass I have ever seen.

Coolest shot glass I have ever seen.

skull shot glass - coolest glass I have ever seen. perfect guy / Imagine doing a flaming shot out of this!

Electrical Pylon Silhouettes. n honor of the High-Voltage Pylon Competition, the national power transmission company in Iceland asked to Choi+Shine Architects based in Boston to revisit classical electrical pylons. Paying attention to the design, the architects developed uncommun iconic sculptures : one hundred and fifty foot tall human silhouettes.

Electrical Pylon Silhouettes

Choi + Shine Architects - The Land of Giants Icelandic High-Voltage Electrical Pylon Competition - Winner 2010 Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture

Rhizopus Zygotes on a microscope slide at 160x.

Under the microscope they are seen as pinheads. When the sporangium breaks open hundreds of spores are released. Example: Mucor, Rhizopus (the bread mould) and Albugo.

Choi + Shine Architects - Giants of the Wind

These Beautiful Giant Sculptures Support Power Lines With Style - Giants of the Wind, by Choi + Shine, 2012

Imagine how funny it'd be watching someone who is drunk or high walk over this carpet

Paris computer games store with an interesting floor. In fact, the floor is absolutely flat. Fun with