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Adding Eyes and Teeth Brings Everything to Life - Street artist Aidan Glynn. Gloucestershire Resource Centre http://www.grcltd.org/scrapstore/

Artist Aiden Glynn can do a lot with a set of eyes. He can transform every day objects, the sort of thing you see on the street, into watchful monsters.

Legos to rebuild the world

Lego Street Art Around The World. This Lego street art works in two ways: one, it makes the grey and boring street more colourful, all the while repairing the crumbling street brick walls. So it’s basically a two-for-one Lego repair.

Speaking with the legendary stikman

An interview with the legendary street artist stikman

Δείτε την παραπάνω εικόνα. Ένας-ένας ακόμη ένας, πιο πολλοί και συνθέτουμε την συνολική εικόνα. Είναι η πρακτική εφαρμογή του: [ Η Ι Χ Υ Σ Ε Ν Τ Η Ε Ν Ω Σ Ε Ι ]  Καλούμε ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΜΑΤΙΕΣ-ΠΑΡΑΓΩΓΟΥΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΩΝ ΠΡΟΪΟΝΤΩΝ που έχουν αποφασίσει την εξωστρέφεια της εταιρείας τους, να συζητήσουμε το δικό τους κατάστημα μέσα στο εμπορικό κέντρο Greek Foodosophy.  Greek Foodosophy-Greeks do eat better http://www.facebook.com/GreekFoodosophy

American artist Craig Alan creates unique portraits of pop-culture icons using people as pixels. Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Concrete barrier painted as tampon street art. Kind of cute, really.

Saint Etienne, France-based street artist Ladamenrouge installs strange and interesting street art that either humors you or makes you frown.

this kind of yarnbombing, for some reason, I can get behind.  maybe because it looks like the street has a wound, but the wound is bleeding rainbows?  (but still, i cringe at what this looks like a week or two later ...) (juliana santacruz herrera via mociun tumblr, ermie tumblr, lost at e minor and a lot of other people who are really into yarn street art right now)

Yarn meets potholes: a different kind of street art

Yarn bombed pothole by artist Juliana Santacruz Herrara - Paris Streets

Att finna konst och humorbudskap i vardagen http://blish.se/56deb97b45 #oakoak #frankrike #sreetart #gatukonst #grafitti

Street artist OakOak doesn’t look for an empty wall when seeking a canvas for his creations. In fact, it’s the structures that jut out of the wall and the imperfect cracks and peels that OakOak uses to form his creative scenes.

"In London, a stenciled worker transmutes the no-parking lines he is painting into a stylized flower." -by Banksy

The Story Behind Banksy

Bansky - street art, a stenciled worker transmutes the no-parking lines he is painting into a stylized flower. Photo by Matt Keeble/Alamy

cool ... witzig ... knuddelig ... praktisch ... oder einfach nur inspirierend…

''yarn bombing'' is one of those spur of the moment ideas that really isn't a bad thing. decorating something with yarn in a classy way is fun and pretty. this bench looks amazing to me.