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Haikyuu!! Ch.225 Page 2 - Mangago

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Joke's on you Kageyama LOL I FINALLY FINISHED THE THIRD PART I wanted to draw this for so long but then I kept getting distracted. Hope you like it! Part 1:  Part 2:   

For those of you who were requesting HQ comic strips. Seriously though they're so gay they should just get married lol Part Part HQ - King and Queen

this just cracks me up oml

When Akaashi knows what he was going to say because he has to deal with Bokuto all the time

imagenes sukulentas de Haikyuu<3 - Daisuga - Wattpad

imagenes sukulentas de Haikyuu

imagenes sukulentas de Haikyuu<3 - Daisuga - Wattpad

Haikyuu!! - Tanaka and Noya awww❤

Suga and Daichi are like the parents and Noya and Tanaka are like the uncles. <<< I'd say Asahi is more like an uncle tanaka and nota are still only years

OMG the second one hahahaha XD

It's kind of funny because I can be really sweet but the second you mess with my friends or family you nest believe you'll be meeting the devil early