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Back door puppet show!

Back door puppet show!

Puppet Show 1950's Kent, WA

Puppet Show 1950's Kent, WA

puppet show in public library in Louisville, KY

puppet show in public library in Louisville, KY

Hennings and one of her puppets

Women Of Dada and Their Times

Emmy Hennings et ses poupées dada (Emmy Hennings and her dada puppets), 1917

one audience puppet show

One audience puppet show - Who had more fun? The little girl watching or the two children performing?

Teatro Gioco Vita / Andrea Rauch – Il castello della perseveranza, 1985

Andrea Rauch Shadow Puppets What if this was life size, with the figure being a real human?

Found on brightonpunchandjudy.com

Victorian Puppet Show.The history of Punch and Judy is a story dating back hundreds of years. Punch started off as a marionette or string puppet performing on the streets of London town, and gradually shed his strings and moved to the seaside.

traditional thai puppet strings - Google Search

Pink Martini - "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)". Not like Doris Day ever sang it!