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A Young Syrian Refugee in Lebanon Experiences a Moment of Joy

Meet Maher who lives in a tented settlement in Ghazze, Bekaa, Lebanon. With the help of the IRC, Maher discovered that he loves to take pictures of his frien.

Refugees fed 'like animals in pen' in Hungary camp

Hungarian police feed refugees "like animals in a pen", disturbing new footage shows, exposing the way migrants are being treated inside the country's main r.

Humanitarian group from Iran visits Rohingya refugees in Mewat

A humanitarian delegation from Iran visited cottages of Rohingya refugees in Mewat, India. They investigated the living conditions of Rohingya children and t.

Trauma, torture for sex-trafficked Syrians in Lebanon

Forced into prositution and imprisoned in a Beirut brothel, 'Soha' is one of more and more Syrian women made vulnerable by war who are becoming victims of se.

2000 refugees a day cross into Macedonia | DW News

2000 refugees a day cross into Macedonia

Stuck in Idomeni: Refugees fear moving to Albania

Greek authorities have indicated they will try and shut down the Idomeni refugee camp on the Greece-Macedonia border were thousands of refugees are stranded.

Lebanon: Syrian-Somali couple eye future in Finland

Mahmoud is Syrian, and Naama a refugee from Somalia. They met and married in Damascus. War has ravaged their lives.

Volunteers cry for help on Greek island's tragic shores

Exhausted volunteers work around the clock to help the wave of migrants and refugees arriving on the Greek island of Lesbos, on the frontline of a crisis tha.

The Sea Route to Europe - June 2015

People risking their lives to reach Europe are often called migrants, but the current Mediterranean crisis is primarily a refugee crisis.

WATCH: Women Locking Themselves In Tents To Avoid Male Migrant Attacks

Meet the brave women of "the Jungle", Calais's refugee camp, facing peri.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees visit to Zaatari refugee camp

Syrian refugees living in Jordan’s Za'atari refugee camp are still recovering after a snow storm hit the region last week.

#IBelong – What it feels like to be stateless

Today, more than 10 million people all around the world are told they do not belong anywhere. They are stateless. Often, they are not allowed to go to school.


Refugees race against clock as gateway to Europe closes

The shameful US response to the Syrian refugee crisis, by the numbers

The US likes to think of itself as a safe haven for people fleeing violent conflict, but Syrians have largely found a closed door.

PHOTO: Afghan refugee family in Bulgaria in early April

PHOTO: Afghan refugee family in Bulgaria in early April