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if this never happens, im going to send people their hogwarts letters :)

bucket list: receive my hogwarts acceptance letter. my owl must have gotten seriously lost cause i've been waiting for years


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Receive flowers from a stranger - Done ! I was walking out of the hospital after visiting a friend and this man, just coming in handed me a bouquet of flowers.

That would be amazing.

I will wear a disney princess inspired dress to my wedding. And maybe have the Disney princess inspired ring to go with it.

"My bucket list" by lovelypao on Polyvore

All except Harry Potter, Chanel flats, and Tiffany engagment ring. (I don't care as long as it's a ring)

I want to go to one SOOOO BAD would some one please let me know if they see anything about one in Portland, OR!!!!! THANKS;)

Before I Die. Of my favorite artist or band I like how the picture has a One Direction cd