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Mehr Tiger für Asien via @WWF Deutschland

Sign the Petition: Enforce Laws in India That Bans Citizens From Bengal Tiger Habitats


Tiger [with gripping eyes]. Photo by Bobby McLeod. I can't resist another tiger photo!

I’m a radical, eat that truth like an animal – spit it out give it out live it out goin’ head keep your eyes on my mandible. #extremeteam

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The nilgai, also known as blue bulls is the biggest Asian antelope found in India. I saw one of these on my trip to India.


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The Threat to Wild Tigers, Evgeniya Righini-brand & Elena Medvedeva, Russian Federation. I can't wait till Mother Nature shows the humanrace what she's made of. Keep killing her animals &she will kill us.

Check out this infographic on the dire state of the illegal wildlife trade and get inspired to help.

Infographic on the dire state of the illegal wildlife trade and get inspired to help. Illegal Wildlife Trade is threatening the very existence of some of the world's best-loved species. Find out how and why some key species are being affected by

It goes without saying that you should be careful around lions and other wild animals, but that doesn’t mean that they are un-feeling, cold-blooded killers. Frikkie Von Solms, a 69-year-old lion caretaker in Southern Africa, knows this perfectly well: he has spent the last 11 raising Zion, a gentle, tender and loving African lion.

Video Shows Unbelievable Friendship Between Man and Full-Grown Lion

Siberian Tiger in its cold habitat.

Tiger Distribution and Habitat - Tiger Facts and Information

The South China Tiger. Critically Endangered. This tiger has been hunted relentlessly since the 1950s, when its population was thought to number in the thousands. In 1996 scientists estimated that there could be as few as 30 individuals left in the dwindling areas on forest. Scientist hold no hope for the continuation of the species in China after having no sightings of the animal for 25 years, but movements are being made to reintroduce this beautiful creature to other protected habitats…

South China Tiger considered "functionally extinct" since one has not been seen in 25 . God help us as guardians of His creation. we are failing miserably


Tiger Snow Maxi Poster stunning photographic maxi poster of a Tiger stalking the ground covered in snow.