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THE MITTEN BY JAN BRETT is a beloved children's book about a Ukranian boy who loses his mitten in the snow. The kids love as all the animals in the forest snuggle into the mitten. Do our corresponding craft by having the kids lace their own mittens and fill it with the animals from the story.

Ezra Jack Keats (19161983) was the beloved author and/or illustrator of over eighty-five books for children. Description from I searched for this on

Screams In The Night. This was based on a Goosebumps stage show that was by Rupert Holmes which was adapted into a book by R. L. Stine. The play and the book are about a group of friends who are familiar with the Goosebumps books and who get trapped in some Goosebumps stories themselves. While in these stories, a few of these things that the kids do involve discovering aliens, finding Monster Blood and having an encounter with Slappy the dummy. For ages nine and up.

ELIJAH'S ANGEL: A STORY FOR CHANUKAH AND CHRISTMAS: A child’s vision of religious tolerance is exquisitely played out in this story about an elderly Christian barber and a Jewish child who befriends him.

The Trumpet Of the Swan by E.B. White is about a little cygnet named Louise who is born without a voice. Louise's father (who has a beautiful voice) notices and worries. As Louise gets older this becomes a problem and so his father decides to get his son a trumpet. In order to pay-off his father's debt and to win the girl of his dreams, Louise uses his talent with his trumpet to win money and gain fame. A good book for ages eight and up.

Night Of The Living Dummy Two by R. L. Stine. A girl named Amy is having a lot of trouble with her dummy who's named Dennis and receives a new dummy from her dad. This new dummy is named Slappy and at first Slappy is a lot of fun, but when the spell in his pocket is read-out loud trouble starts and soon Slappy is the one who's calling all the shots. For ages nine and up.

Say Cheese and Die - Again!

Say Cheese And Die Again! by R. L. Stine. Fallowing the events of the first book, it's one month later and Greg Banks has a new strict teacher named Mr. Saur who has him write about his experience with the cursed camera. Disbelieving Greg's story, Mr. Saur gives Greg an "F", but Greg insists that his story is true. Greg becomes determined to prove that his story is true by going to retrieve the cursed camera. However, trouble is not far behind. A good book for readers nine and up.

Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch is about a little bear who whishes to celebrate the moon's birthday. Wanting to know when the moon's birthday is, Bear asks the moon when his birthday is. It turns-out the moon's birthday is the fallowing day which is the same day as Bear's. Bear ends up buying the moon a hat and receives one the next day on his doorstep only to lose it. The moon and Bear end up admitting their mistakes and whishing each other a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" For ages three to seven.

Penguin Crafts to do after reading our favorite penguin children's books.

Paddington Helps Out by Michael Bond. During his first trip to the cinema Paddington accidentally upsets the entire audience by standing up and booing the bad guy. He also drips some of his ice cream on to other movie goers. Other incidents that occur in the book see Paddington flooding the launderette and messing-up Mr. Curry's kitchen. All are done with great humor and in the end things turn-out all right. A funny addition to the series. For ages three and up.