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"Carro bom para andar na estrada, ficou um carro esportivo, mas posso viajar com ele tranquilo", comenta o proprietário desse Gol aspirado e com suspensão fixa.

Gol GL 1990 de Renatinho Porto: Aspirado e rodas 17"

Gol GL 1990 de Renatinho Porto: Aspirado e rodas

Audi RS5Audi Coupé S2 quattroAudi Quattro (1980)Audi Quattro | by Auto Clasico

Audi RS6 DTM

Jon Olsson sold this beauty and then got stolen and burned. Audi DTM Rest In Peace to this gorgeous Audi

Nissan GTR

GT-R WARNING: This Page will have some of the Most Sickest, Most Baddest, Jaw Dropping, Eye Popping, Rides Whips on Earth. Parental Discretion is Advised. Glasses are suitable but not required.

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A fierce fighting bull provided the inspiration to the Lamborghini Veneno. According to Lamborghini, Veneno is one of the most aggressive fighting bulls in hist

vividessentials: “SuperVeloce | vividessentials ”

The Audi R8 V10 Plus

Ferrari porche lamborghini bugatti and many other awesome cars i like