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"how to" Atlantis scarf (repinning because this model turned actress after landing a gig in the lizzie bennet diaries! so cool!)

The Radhost Complector shows its bearer the way to other world realms and planes of existence. Etched inside you will find many dead ends and oubliettes tempting you to stray from the paths that lead to Avalon, Atlantis, Asgard, Midgard, Helheim and tir Na Nog, home to the Fae folk and to the Cormon. But most important of all, you will find the path home.

Plans For A Futuristic, Atlantis-Style Underwater City Unveiled | IFLScience. A Japanese construction company, Shimizu Corp, has come up with an underwater metropolis, powered by energy from the seabed. Their futuristic, Atlantis-style city, “Ocean Spiral,” is designed to accommodate 5,000 people.

MU:13 | as I Dip My SuperNaturAL Bla.eKAkashiChocolate Coated KEMET.eKeys… Deep IN:side Her Infinite Euphoric Sea of OurSuperNaturAL Bla.eKAkashic Esoteric Banks... of ALL Hedonistic Erotic Atmospheric Luminous Infinite Natural Golden Notes of EThereAL MELanin... Upgraded wit' Many Moor Hermetic Indigenous Free Bla.eKURrency Strains of Golden Hi:teKodes... Created from Our MagicKAL Bla.eKIN:folK from ATLantis :::POOOF::: I just Un parted tha’ SuperNaturAL Bla.eKurrency Sea Gap… BETween My…