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A year later and we are still fundraising.

Know what your rights are worth. Courtney Milan writes awesome historicals and her blog posts about the publishing business are great. Candid and informative. Check her out.

We just launched our new website. Worth a look. No, seriously, it's pretty awesome. And looking at it will increase your awesome factor. Everyone could stand to be MORE awesome. Go on. Clickety click. Off ya go.

Next time you go to Sephora or Ulta, ask them to find you $281 worth of makeup for $99 😮 😵Demand a 20-30% discount on all purchases 😈Demand free makeup for life 😱Demand to be paid within 3 hours every time you recommend their products or send people to buy on their website 😳just see what they say! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 💜 My $99 kit does all of those things!! If you are not getting paid to wear makeup message me to start your own business!💁 blessedsouthernbeauty.com

Its a day of light North Westerly winds and 2-3ft cleanish surf Its will be worth checking out the beaches like widemouth for a fun wave to get you slide on. The rest of the week looks like its going to be pumping yewww!!! Check out the full report and live cams on our website https://www.zumajay.co.uk/surf-report #surfing #surfreport #bude

Posting pictures on social media websites is a very powerful way to get your visual message to your audience. How does the saying go…..”A Picture Can Be Worth A Thousand Words.” (( Click here to TWEET this. )) Some people … Continue reading →

-30 degrees - <a href="http://www.simonroppel.com/home-eng.html">Website</a> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/SimonRoppelPhotography">Facebook</a> -- Took this one on my very recent trip to beautiful canada. a country full of beauty. what a shame that it took my so long to go there! That morning was the coldest one. -30° celsius... damn that was cold. i remember the ice hanging down on my eyelids while shoting this panorama.. but i guess it wass worth it. :-)

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