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Colorite Green Grow Water Hose for organic gardening from #saferbrand #MyOrganicGardenWishList

How to Use Neem Oil to Prevent Garden Pests

Neem oil is a derivative of the Asian evergreen tree. A natural steroid, it causes insects to lose their appetite and lose interest in laying

Safer® Brand End ALL™ With Neem Oil Insect Killing Spray (32 oz) - First organic product to kill 45 different insect species in any stage of life (from egg to adult), INCLUDING stink bugs! #garden #pestcontrol

Safer® Brand 3-in-1 Garden Spray Concentrate (1 gal) - Eliminates soft bodied insects and most common plant diseases on contact! 1 bottle (mixed) covers up to 13,600 sq. ft! Perfect for professional growers or hydroponic gardeners! #organic #gardening #pestcontrol

I need to remember this for next year when planting my patio pots! Self watering using soda bottle @ DIY Home Design

Garden Journal. So need one of these for all of my garden planning. Then I'll really be ready to garden... I think. ;)