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Plaster Texture Wallcovering, Plum Purple

Wallcovering Plum,Plaster Texture,Plum Purple,Velvet

Jade Damask Wallcovering, Plum Purple

Wallcovering Plum,Jade Damask,Plum Purple

Jade Stripe Wallcovering, Plum Purple, Multicolor

Wallcovering Plum,Jade Stripe,Purple Multicolor,Plum Purple

Brewster Wallcovering Plum Classic Paisley Wallpaper 2657-22213

Brewster Wallcovering Plum Classic Floral Wallpaper 2657-22250

Blue Mountain Marble Squares Wallcovering, Plum Purple/Dark Gray

Wallcovering Plum,Squares Wallcovering,Mountain Marble,Blue Mountain,Purple Dark,Dark Gray,Marble Squares

Brewster Wallcovering Plum Classic Floral Wallpaper 2657-22255

Blue Mountain Detail Stripe Wallcovering, Beige/Plum

Mountain Detail,Blue Mountain,Detail Stripe,Beige Plum,Wallcovering Beige

This crown molding is INCREDIBLE - Alice in Wonderland-ish lamp is a bit too much for me...I'd love it if it were more proportionate.

Brewster Wallcovering Plum Classic Damask Wallpaper 2657-22231