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Types of instruments for the uneducated masses<== I'm pretty sure violins and fiddles are the same instrument

I play the French horn and trumpet and this is so true. Band people don't even complain because at least your instruments LOOK DIFFERENT! Everybody thinks that the violin and the viola are the same. All of the orchestra instruments look so similar!

pjo not my type - Google-Suche

Because his type is sun tanned boys with blonde hair. Sorry not sorry. A lot of us are Solangelo trash, too :)

So much going on about the stuff in sugar free drinks/food, but people don't realize the reason we have sugar free in the first place.

(Type 1 Diabetes Memes) A few weeks back, I read a post on FB about a waitress who would give children regular coke instead of the diet cokes their parents ordered because The Waitress didn't want the kids to get cancer. Glad to know, She's no

Top 10 Type 1 Diabetes Memes #diabetes #memes  I'll share this for my son!!  :P

Top 10 Type 1 Diabetes Memes (excuse the bad language in this pic)

type one diabetes

One Thing All Type 1 Diabetics At Disneyland Should Know

type one diabetes. This happened to Hannah bear in her class. She had a low and fell asleep.her teacher kicked her out of his class. And he knew she was type This to me is appalling.