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How to get Your Body Ready for a Baby--Giving your baby the best start in life means getting your own health sorted well before you become pregnant. Your general wellbeing, and any medication you're taking, can all affect your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

11 Dinge, die in eine Klinik-Tasche gehören – und die fast alle vergessen

Die Klinik-Notfalltasche ist meist schon Wochen vor der Geburt gepackt. Doch es gibt essentielle Dinge, die viele werdende Mütter übersehen.

One may think that it is a safe time to have sex during those times, but seeing that majority of the women population had their babies conceived after right after their period. It just means that a woman can get pregnant in any time of the month.

Post-partum swag your lady bits will love

Lol! Yes, this stuff is exactly what you'll need post-partum! Post-partum swag your lady bits will love | BabyCenter Blog