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Texas Tech at K-State. This was an epic collapse by the Lady Cats. :(

10 beautiful sacred spots

Crater Lake, Oregan.. Who knew there was something THIS pretty in the US!

Border Crisis is Obama’s Effort to Change the Demographics in America, but also Puts American’s Lives in Danger

Tim Ballisty on

Snow storm in Buffalo NY.....this is exactly why I left Buffalo for sunshine 10 years ago this month. :-)))))

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is the epicenter of an epic shitstorm… This is a guest post from Charles Hugh Smith. His newest book is Why Things Are Falling Apart and What We Can Do About It The deposit-confiscation “bailout” of Cyprus reveals much about the Eurozone’s fundamental neocolonial, neofeudal structure. At long last, Europe’s flimsy facades of State sovereignty, democracy and free-market capitalism have collapsed, and we see the real machinery laid bare: the Eurozone’s…

Not knowing if his family is alive or dead, Tenzin looks back to see one of the last few remnants of his culture collapse. Having spent his life trying to preserve everything the Air Nomads represent, he can only watch as the temple succumbs to the same beating his body and soul have felt. His students and love ones could easily be gone, and with it every reason he has to continue living. At this moment he is completely and utterly alone.

The National Patriot with Craig Andresen is an AMAZING website. Check out his weekly Friday Fume you will love it.

The Fifth Sacred Thing. (New York, Bantam, 1993) Starhawk's epic tale, set in 2048, California. In a time of ecological collapse, when the hideously authoritarian and corporate-driven Stewards have taken control of most of the land and set up an apartheid state, one region has declared itself independent: the Bay Area and points north. Choosing life over guns, they have created a simple but rich ecotopia, where no one wants, nothing is wasted, culture and cooperation are uppermost, and the…

Infographic: Austerity – An Epic Failure? | Economy Watch

11/28/16 - Amazing 1981 Prophecy Says the U.S. Economy Will Collapse After the Death of Fidel Castro