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Star Trek/Data's Data Short Sleeve Toddler Tee in , Toddler Boy's

Supernatural I'm Funnier In Enochian TShirt XS S by HuntersApparel, $25.00

OK, this is great, but Enochian is read right to left (like Hebrew), so the Enochian is backwards.

"Spock vs. Spock"

Audi commercial with a Spock-off -- Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: "The Challenge"

Stuff he knows!

Honestly I'm Kirk, Spock is my math teacher, and Bones are my friends

I want this shirt :o

I feel like those of us in the SPN fandom would get a hella lotta use from that there shirt. Sad but true story bro>>> I'm not in the SPN Fandom, but I could definitely use this shirt.