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these two have a thing in common which is injury in the left arm (bucky didnt even have left arm lamo) so yeah couldnt stop myself from drawing this cro. The Winter Soldier: Sousuke Yamazaki

Free! ES ~~ Can this usually grumpy guy be cute? Well, he has his moments... :: Sosuke Yamazaki

ES ~~ Can this usually grumpy guy be cute? :: Sosuke Yamazaki<<<he may seem grumpy, but inside he's as much of a cinnamon bun as Makoto XD

Have to say, I was pretty irritated with this guy at first because I don't like people messing with Haru, but I warmed to him pretty quick.

Sosuke Yamazaki // This is bad. I have multiple tests and other homework this week but I'm staring at Free pictures on here.

Read *~Lemon~* from the story El gran tiburon ballena(SousukeXReader) by GeminisZodiac (Gemini) with reads.

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Well, there are 6 new Free! movies coming out next season apparently, according to AnimeList.com

So they're finally going to tell us what happened to my precious Asahi and Ikuya, so maybe they'll answer that terrifying plot hole of WHAT THR HELL HAPPENDD TO SOUSUKE!