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Google's Matt Cutts Goes Oy Vey

Great moment of honesty and professionalism from @Matt Cutts. I used to say this sort of thing every day at @REI! :)

Google: Autocomplete does not favor any candidate or cause

Google's communications team and Matt Cutts come out to call the allegations that Google altered their search suggestions in favor of Hillary Clinton false. #politics #google #search

Google DMCA Notices Reach Record High With 7.8 Million Link Removal Requests Filed In One Week

Going on Google’s recent takedown notice numbers, it looks as if the site may be spending as much time on link removal requests as it is algorithm updates.

Google Officially Expands Twitter Into Desktop Search Results

After experimenting with tweets on Google's desktop results, Google has made this feature live for all English searchers globally. #twitter #search #google

Google Makes Android Maps Cleaner, More Personal

Google announced a new release of Maps for Android (6.5) featuring a richer UI and other improvements.

Study: Google Universal Results Show Up For 85% Of All Searches: Videos In 65% & Maps In 1%

Smartphone Vs. Mobile-Only Google Indexing

Comparing Mobile Search Results Side By Side - Here is a picture that compares site indexing for (with no geo-data) on a desktop, smartphone and WAP phone. What you will notice is that the desktop and smartphone results are identical, but the WAP results have different pages included, with a different order, and even a different SERP template. #mobile

Search In Pics: Chrome & Android Toys, Street Views Hawaii & Twitter #Comfort