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From the Winner Taco to the Ice Bucket Challenge...10 #marketing #strategies of 2014 you won't forget so soon. Discover:

What Should You Post On Instagram

What should you post on Instagram | 10 Ideas for Creating Original Content for you Business or Brand |

Need to promote your business but have no money for advertising or marketing? Read 10 simple but creative ideas to promote your business for free.

Coca Cola Vending Machine Makes Customers Dance For A Drink [Video

Here is the latest ‘Happiness’ project from Coca-Cola, this time from Korea, where a huge interactive dancing vending machine was created, rewarding people who completed the tasks with free drinks, the harder the challenge the more free coke people scored

This Infographic Explains What Native Advertising Is

The infographic "Native Advertising In Context" explains what #NativeAdvertisement is and why it is being adopted. From last year #NativeAdvertisement has increased by 12.6%, unlike the steady decrease of banner ad click through rates. The graphic also touches on challenges, strategy and informational statistics. 10/10

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