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thaRev on Twitter: "@Gertz @Heretic__13 @EffinHell666 @Redone68 #atheists #atheism https://t.co/8xqpq83Kud"

thaRev on

thaRev on Twitter: "@Gertz @Heretic__13 @EffinHell666 @Redone68 #atheists #atheism https://t.co/8xqpq83Kud"

I hope this doesn't offend, but seriously, people need to start having balls and saying something.  Nothing changes if you change nothing.

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. When you are finished "praying" for Paris, try something useful, like speaking out against religious born hatred and bigotry.

Quit being a baby and grow up!

Saying "Christianity is 20 gallons of stupid in a 10 gallon sack " is insulting your religion. Quit whining & learn the difference.

Seriously? Do you, can you, really believe that humans are born so vile that they deserve this cruel punishment for eternity for not following unproven scenarios, compiled into book form by devious men and governments, that you accept as truth, without validation? I could never actually believe that. There is no logic, no sound judgement for this fabrication of blame. How tragic that you could embrace this scenario!

do you really believe that humans are born so vile that they deserve this cruel punishment for eternity?

You're not better than me

I don't hate god I'm not angry with him/her There's simply no evidence for their existence. Until you can, please stop pretending to be a better person.

This data displays the legal protections that allow discriminatory action to be taken against Atheists.

In seven states atheists are prohibited from holding public office. Christians who say they are discriminated against.

atheist reply to pope Francis' redemption

My atheist reply to pope Francis

& women's equality, & reproductive rights, the list goes on and on; Kudos, for trying to be decent about somethings though, also for pissing off the right-wing religious-nut extremists-conservatives;