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I love my Pride Travel Pro Mobility Scooter. Reasonably Priced. Breaks apart into 5 separate pieces the heaviest part weights 38 lbs. Easy to operate one-handed!

Buzzaround XL 4-Wheel

A Delta tiller is a great feature if you have limited hand dexterity. You can rest your wrists on the wraparound handle and steer with just one finger. The Buzzaround XL also disassembles into five pieces with the heaviest, the front section, weighing 41 pounds

Phoenix 4-Wheel

The Drive Mobility Phoenix 4-Wheel scooter includes a comfortable height-adjustable, upgraded seat with flip-back and adjustable width arms, an auto-straightening tiller for enhanced safety, a stackable battery box that allows for extended travel time and interchangeable panels to change the look in a snap. A built in headlight accomodates travel after dark. The Phoenix is designed to assemble and disassemble with ease. The Phoenix has a 300 lbs. weight capacity and the battery will get up…

Spitfire EX 3-Wheel

The Spitfire by ActiveCare is perfect for people looking for a compact easy to use scooter. The scooter can be easily disassembled into 5 pieces for transport or storage. The Spitfire offers a maximum 9 mil range with the two batteries which comes in

Spitfire EX 4-Wheel

So far, this seems like the best value, stable and well-featured (e.g. the adjustable delta tiller for gimpy hands) for the money --- ActiveCare Spitfire EX 4-Wheel - ActiveCare 4-Wheel Travel Scooters

Phoenix 3-Wheel

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds Overall Length: 37.8 Overall Width: 20 Rear Weight: 31 lbs. Front Weight: 23 lbs. Seat Weight: 21 lbs. Battery Weight: 20 lbs. Overall Weight: 95 lbs. Dynamic Stability Incline: 10° Min. Obstacle Climbing: 1 Seat Dimensions: 17.5 W x 17 D Drive Wheels: 8 Solid Caster Wheel: 8 Solid Battery: 12 ah, 12 v (x2) Charger: 1.5 amp; Off-Board Maximum Speed: 4 Mph Battery Ran

The Pride Mobility GoGo Elite Traveller Plus 4-Wheel Scooter brings travel mobility to more people than ever before. Larger and more spacious than the GoGo Elite Traveller Plus 3-Wheel Scooter, this four-wheel model combines a convenient wraparound Delta tiller with a 300-pound weight capacity to give larger users and those with limited dexterity an option in travel mobility scooters. With the one-handed feather-touch disassembly feature of the GoGo Elite Traveller Plus 4-Wheel scooter…

Lynx L4 4-Wheel

description sounds really good -- The Lynx 4-Wheel from Invacare has added power to reach up to 5 MPH. Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, this ride offers stability and comfort in one stylish package. The fully adjustable tiller and padded seat make this a great choice for frequent users who appreciate a plush and reliable ride. The Easy-Touch throttle helps minimize wrist strain and fatigue on longer trips. Disassembly of this model is simple

Zip'r 4-Wheel

The Zip’r 4 travel scooter from Zip’r Mobility is just plain easy in every way. It’s extremely affordable and addition of the fourth wheel gives it more stability, yet it’s lightweight so it’s simple to transport. It doesn’t have wires that need to be connected, so you can assemble it in 20 seconds flat–just drop in the battery box and go. And because the Zip’r 4’s tires won’t leave marks (or go flat), you can use it indoors and out.

Go-Go Elite Traveller 3-Wheel

Specifications for the Go-Go Elite Traveller 3-Wheel Maximum weight capacity: 275 lbs. Maximum speed: Up to 4.25 mph