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Flavours of the Holiday Season. Christmas 2015

Flavours of the Holiday Season. Christmas 2015

Flavours of the Holiday Season. Blog Series. INDIA | Feasts and Festivals from Huzan at Designer Incentives DMC Check out our first Flavours of the Holiday Season blog from Huzan at Designer Incentives DMC India. http://blog.biworldwide.co.uk//india-feasts-and-festivals-from-huzan-at-designer-incentives-dmc.html

Day 19: As part of our 'Festive Flavours of the Season' blog special, today we look at how Christmas is celebrated in the Dominican Republic. Check out what Marcos from Connect DMC Travel Services has to say about this beautiful location.

Christmas in New York - one of our favourite flavours of the festive season! Check out day 15 of our Christmas ‪#‎blog‬ special, with special thanks to Tony Napoli, President of Briggs Inc. DMC. http://blog.biworldwide.co.uk/blog-15-united-states-christmas-in-new-york-for-tony-napoli-president-of-briggs-inc-dmc.html

Venice at Christmas - stunning! For day 11 in our Flavours of the Festive Season whistle-stop tour of some incredible countries, their customs and Christmas cuisine. Today we are in Venice, Italy where we look at Concerts, Crèches, Consumerism and Cuisine from Monica Di Molfetta, at Clementson Travel. Check them out http://www.clementson.it/en/home.html and read the blog here…

Day 9 and we are pleased to bring you our ninth blog in our Flavours of the Festive Season series this Christmas. Today we travel to Portugal, for a grand affair from TLC. #blog #Christmas2015 #Portugal #EventProfs http://blog.biworldwide.co.uk/day-9-portugal-a-grand-affair-from-tlc-portugal-dmc.html

Day 5 GERMANY | Nikolaus or Santa Claus? Flavours of the Festive Season. Every 6 December, children in Germany celebrate Nikolaus. But why does the Santa look-alike come so early and why do all the children place their shoes outside their front doors the evening before? This local has the lowdown. http://blog.biworldwide.co.uk/germany-nikolaus-or-santa-claus.html

For day 13 of our Flavours of the Festive Season blogs, we are in the UK for a blog by The Crazy Christmas Lady. Take a look at the Christmas traditions that we create for this season. http://blog.biworldwide.co.uk/blog-13-united-kingdom-by-the-crazy-christmas-lady.html

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