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Taking a look at some of the coolest, most inventive and the weirdest action figures of rock musicians that are available for sale.

Magical Moon Lamp

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McFarlane Music Action Figures : Elvis Gospel

McFarlane Music Action Figures : Elvis Gospel

Halloween Michael Myers 7" Action Figure Movie Maniacs 2 McFarlane Toys 1999 MIB

First Act MG501 Ukulele

Some fun stuff for you :)

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A perfect example of talented people with way too much free time on their hands- banana art

Michael myers Get your ghost Bob?

Can't I get your ghost bob?- Well maybe I can get your ghost but I can't seem to get this figure. This is a very pricey collectible that I never see for less than 90 bucks.

Crazy CAT Lady Action Figure Unique Gift Novelty TOY Kitsch Weird TOY GAG Funny | eBay

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Unique Gift Novelty Toy Kitsch Weird Toy Gag Funny

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set 6 Cats Kittens Funny Joke Gag Gift Toy in Toys & Hobbies, Action Figures, Other Action Figures

Boneco Sheldon The Big Bang Theory Funko

Shop for officially licensed Big Bang Theory T-shirts and merchandise, along with Sheldon's Shirts as worn on the show. Find Bazinga and Soft Kitty themed merchandise.