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Aloysia Sweet Almond Bush - Sweet Fragrance! - Half Gallo...

Cooking Ham in a Crock Pot

One of our very favorite Crock Pot Ham Recipes. Great for spiral or regular cooked ham. Foolproof way of cooking ham for the holidays. Christmas dinner | Holiday meal

Aloysia virgata

We have grown Aloysia virgata since 2001 and it has become one of our favorite summer flowering plants. In our climate it dies to the ground in winter and behaves as a 8' tall perennial where in more southerly climates it makes a large open shrub to 15'. The upright woody stems are clothed with dark green sandpapery leaves. Starting in July and continuing until a hard frost the branches end in terminal spikes of extremely fragrant white flowers that serve as an attractant for butterflies…

Variegated Ginger (Alpinia zerumbet 'Variegata') works as a surround for trees or palms, a filler for a corner bed, or an anchor plant for a mixed garden. It gives color and impact to a shaded area. Its common name "shell ginger" refers to the lightly fragrant flowers, which look like strands of tiny white seashells, that appear (infrequently) in warm weather. The leaves have a tangy fresh aroma. They prefer a bit of afternoon shade to keep the leaves from browning. Trim off the tallest…

Viburnum odoratissimum or "Sweet Viburnum." Potentially a very large evergreen shrub or small tree, at maturity sweet viburnum may reach 20 ft m) in height and 15 ft m) wide.

Pindo Palm Butia capitata The silvery pindo palm gives home landscaping a classy, Old Florida look...and you can eat the fruit. Striking in appearance, the pindo's feather-leaf, silver-colored fronds (some call it more of a blue-green) create an outstanding contrast to a typical yard's greenery. A native plant sometimes called "Jelly Palm," the pindo produces edible berries that can be made into jelly with a sweet banana/pineapple flavor.

Garden Fragrance Galore! - Dianthus Firewitch - easy to grow groundcover for a sunny spot in the garden.