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"High Wire Act" Used paper mache techniques to add dimension to this painting

How to paint a perfect line-this is brilliant! THIS needs to be printed on the paint can. I love this idea.

One Pinner says, "I took their photos, cut them out and glue onto white paper. Then photo copy onto transparency paper (Kinkos for less than a $1), then cut out image and roll it up so that it can fit into the top of a soap bottle. Make sure you have clear soap or sanitizer." Oh my goodness...this is so funny!

Handy Home Products for Quick-Fix Repairs

Sometimes the key to making a fix is just knowing the right product to use. A team of professional carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians and fix-it gurus tell us what their favorite products are, and what they never leave home without.

Recycled laundry detergent bottles, paper mache, and found objects were used to make this sunflower relief. Titled: Ready For Harvest.

This mostly wood relief, features cut-outs that give this old truck it's dimension. Titled: "51' Proud".