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Fern Something New Dress, #ModCloth

Pam Breeze-ly Long Sleeve Tunic in Bordeaux

Fern Something New Dress. Your inquisitive mind is always searching new fashion knowledge, and this cute and comfortable, organic cotton, fair-trade dress teaches just the right style lessons!

She wore the dress that always made her think of chocolate kisses and havest moon nights . . .

Defining Divine Midi Dress in White

She wore the dress that always made her think of chocolate kisses and havest moon nights .

Vintage This Bold House Dress --raise the collar in back and taper to front, change sleeves to French cuff

Wants and Beads Statement Necklace

I love the detailing on the front - now I know another way to wear my sweater clips!

Shulami ModCloth ‘Autumn Wheat’ dress.

Shulami ModCloth ‘Autumn Wheat’ dress.

Love the flowiness of the shirt, it's so casual yet not overly-so. :)

Justice Between You and Me Cotton T-Shirt

It's really difficult to find stuff that's long, loose, and has long sleeves.

Its in my closet and YOU can get it at my store Jordyn's Closet!!!

Meow for Measuring Cups

Cute dress, that would go good with red shoes that match the red stripe in the dress!

Make a Seam Dress. Youll cause quite a stir when you don this cream-and-black striped dress of soft jersey!

I love the birds!

Traveling Cake Pop Truck Dress in Stripes

Flying doves dress--I want! Wouldnt ever have to think about what I would wear again to dove release

Sea What I Marine? Dress | Mod Retro Vintage Dresses | ModCloth.com

Windy City A-Line Dress in Navy

Sheath the One Dress in Navy, #ModCloth

Inspired Entrepreneur Sheath Dress in Sapphire

Sheath the One Dress in Navy. Just when tonights date couldnt get any more romantic, your dapper date takes a knee, gazing up at you in your navy-and-cream colorblocked frock.

gray color block dress

Graphite Drawing dress by Max and Cleo on modcloth. No longer available but I like the silhouette and the way they have tailored the grey scale to create a lapel shape.


Rest Assured Pajamas in Sloth

Asymmetry Grows in Brooklyn Dress | Mod Retro Vintage Dresses | ModCloth.com

Coach Tour A-Line Dress in Stripes - 3/4 Sleeves