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Absolutely...that's why me and my boo stick to ourselves and our little fam...I know sooooo many people who are only nice when its "convenient" for them, not because they are truly nice people!!

Some people are only nice when it's "convenient" for them or when life is going good for them and they are in a good mood, not because they are truly nice people!

I don't own a pitbull but I do feel bad how some people judge them for what their owners make them do

Knew a pit like that, the sweetest animal you ever met. Sadly her owner's teenage son started 'taking care' of her and ruined her. It's not the dog, folks, it's the people.

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Memory Keepers ~ Origami Owl Living Lockets ~ Bri Kile - Origami Owl Convention! Get your Dancing shoes!

Thinking about the Origami Owl convention in 5 weeks! Dancing shoes and party clothes a must!

Dog fight scars.

A Michael Vick survivor. Bastard Michael Vick should be tortured, asshole.

You are what you teach

As a nation we have a long history ignorance and hate. Thank god we have come a long way!


Petey the beloved Pit Bull - dog from the Little Rascals TV show. This is so true and so sad. Dogs are labeled bad because of their breed not because of their owner that made them bad. All dogs deserve a fair chance.