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The Dutch Cover for The Promise of Stardust, which is simply Stardust in the Netherlands! Sterrenstof: Priscille Sibley, Marja Kooreman: Books

Click through to see a lovely review of The Promise of Stardust! The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley Book Review

"Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours" ― John Locke

Books are magical. They aren't made of pages and words. They're made of hopes, dreams and possibilities.

I love the Polish Cover for The Promise of Stardust Obietnica gwiezdnego pyłu - Priscille Sibley

A cloud of dust wafted from between the giant book’s covers as the stiff pages ruffled loose. Fate stared in awe at the first fable, penned in old-world calligraphy upon yellowed pages spotted with age, and shivered with the anticipation of reading the st