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Either that was a firework....

Funny pictures about Either that was a firework. Oh, and cool pics about Either that was a firework. Also, Either that was a firework.

When life gives you lemons, be thankful it's just lemons. Life could have shot both your parents in a dirty alley when you were 8.

Batman’s inspirational words…

Funny pictures about Batman's Wise Words. Oh, and cool pics about Batman's Wise Words. Also, Batman's Wise Words photos.

Lol ok confession: I literally laughed out loud when I saw this. I love The Hunger Games & Friends lol.

The Hunger Games - He trusted Youuuu!!!

This is totally in an Idaho phone book haha - Sneaky Batman… - Visit now to grab yourself a super hero shirt today at 40% off!

Funny pictures about Sneaky Batman. Oh, and cool pics about Sneaky Batman. Also, Sneaky Batman.

Lol, I'm just a Percy Jackson person

I'm Harry Potter fan wanting to go to Hogwarts. Percy Jackson fan wanting to go to Camp Halfblood. And a Narnia fan wanting to go to Narnia. Don't care about hunger games

This reminds me of that alternate history logic game Sheldon and Amy play on Big Bang Theory

Why are firetrucks red?

Funny pictures about Why are firetrucks red? Oh, and cool pics about Why are firetrucks red? Also, Why are firetrucks red?

Bearnado is coming out August 24th everyone.

I have seen three flying bears. Why is this a big deal? Its not like it's a moose riding a polar bear I've only seen that twice!>>>>>>what is happening Canada!

It's like a real life Jim and Dwight! Ten formal office complaints in a month! Now This Guy Would Be Fun To Work With. He's Hilarious!

Pinocchio for president.

Pinocchio for president.

That's it, Pinocchio, talk circles around that so-called Prince "Charming. -- Love all the Shrek movies.


This is basically the best thing I've ever read.some people have to much time on their hands!


Poor Josh…

Poor Josh /i love him so much/ funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Tickld - Spread Laughter and Cure Boredom

Doctor Who - When it comes to The Silence don't be racist. <<< well, the Silence isn't a race