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Meet Albert, The Cutest Munchkin Cat With Unique “Skull” Nose - 9GAG

Meet Albert, The Cutest Munchkin Cat With Unique “Skull” Nose

Meet Albert, The Cutest Munchkin Cat With Unique “Skull” Nose - - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collecti

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This hybrid dwarf cat was created by crossing Munchkins and American Curl cats and has the body type and short legs of a Munchkin with the curled back ears of the American Curl.

Munchkin cat scottish fold It looks like the cat that gives luck in Japan #MunchkinCat

I want a cat like this! I believe it's a Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat. Isn't this the cutest cat you've ever seen?

I WANT a munckin cat

Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten :D Must have! Reminds me of my dachsie and her short legs!

MUNCHKIN....aka 'magpies'....outgoing....love to wrestle and play...like small, shiny objects and stashing them away....proficient hunters....love to snuggle

Kittens are so cute and sweet we wish they could stay the same forever. QuizzClub team knows some tiny cats that seem to be stuck in childhood. Just look at these adorable munchkin cats!

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Munchkin (cat)

Another munchkin kitty! See, wiener kitties! Munchkin people, and kitties, both apparently have the same gene, that makes them like this.

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The Donskoy cat is also known as Russian Donskoy, the Don Sphynx , Don hairless and Russian hairless. These medium-sized, physical cats have little to wrinkled skin and no hair. - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

How can you resist this little Munchkin cat! It's so adorable!

Munchkin cats come in 4 sizes: Standard, Super Short, VW Microbus and Rug Hugger. THIS is what Tazzie's doing when he creeps around---he wants to be a "munchkin cat"--lol

This is a munchkin cat. Yes - That's a real thing. Short legs caused by recessive gene. No, it doesn't hurt the cat in any way. They can do all the cool things that regular cats do.

The Skookum is a cross between the Munchkin and the LaPerm cat breed with the result being a short legged cat with a curly coat. This rare breed of cat is registered with the Dwarf Cat Association and TICA as an experimental breed.

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