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The World’s Oldest Condom A.) pig intestine, Lund, Sweden - this reusable condom and its orginal users’ manual written in Latin is completely intact. The manual suggests that users immerse the condom in warm milk prior to its use to avoid diseases.

1881 New York Smallpox victim Wonder if it hurt??? They'd give him some strong narcotic like Heroin cause they used it as such back in the day.

The Burns Archive-Historical Medical Photos This is why we vaccinate. SMALLPOX NY CITY EPIDEMIC, 1881 Victims of the smallpox epidemic in More people died from smallpox than any other disease in history.

Do you know your money history? Who, for example, is on the $100,000 bill -- and what ever happened to that bill?

Which presidents are on your money?

The NerdWallet team has put together this infographic for Presidents' Day to share some fun facts about the U. Presidents and how they came to be on our money.


Dorothy Day with her prison dress. On November 1917 Day went to prison for being one of forty women in front of the White House protesting women's exclusion from the electorate.<- Dorothy Day has always been a hero of mine.

Original Hollywood sign. 1925

The Hollywood sign originally said "Hollywoodland" when it was installed in The last four letters were deleted when the sign was refurbished in 1949 - Vintage Photography

WWI facial prosthesis.

WWI facial prosthesis - because of trench warfare, so many wounds were to the head and face. Before plastic surgery was common, doctors and artists worked together to give returning young soldiers a way to fit back into society.

We can do it!

People- Geraldine Hoff Doyle, was 17 years (in while she was working at the American Broach & Machine Co. when a photographer snapped a pic of her on the job. That image used by J. Howard Miller for the “We Can Do It!” poster, released during World War.

Attorney General of the USA? Can't find the word.... stupid? retarded? ill informed? racist?

Andersonville Prison, The Ghosts Of Andersonville

An American Concentration Camp During the Civil War, "Camp Sumter" as it was officially known was built east of Andersonville in February of 1864 & received roughly Union prisoners. Nearly soldiers died. The Union also had such camps.

Harriet Tubman as a young woman

Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies was born into a royal West African dynasty. Orphaned at a very young age, she later became Queen Victoria’s goddaughter and a celebrity for her extraordinary intelligence.

OTC 19TH century bottle of opium

~ Opium for relief of headache, pain, "excitability," “women’s discomforts.” alcohol and 3 grams of opium per ounce.