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.This fat and cuddly squirrel is the cutest!

Our front porch is one of my favorites. I just love this picture of a smiling squirrel. My favorite thing to watch in the yard is squirrels.

I love nature and this is why I love this picture.  I love animals especially.

this picture reminds me of my mother because she had squirrels eating out of her hand, too

Squirrel photo bomb!

Funny pictures about Squirrel Knows How To Photobomb. Oh, and cool pics about Squirrel Knows How To Photobomb. Also, Squirrel Knows How To Photobomb photos.

Morning Glorys n Bluebirds    ahhh  I will miss the morning glories on the fence back at the old home, the lemon trees, peach trees, the evergreens David Hoppe and I planted on the west side of house ... and more  but it is nice where I am, I don't have to take care of any of the landscaping ha ha ha

Bluebirds and blue morning glories. What is more beautiful? Glad I found morning glories that bloom all day.