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Are you a Disruptor?

3 Reasons Why You're Not a Disruptor - TechAcute

Infographic about the new job hunt, and learn about the profile of a job candidate, generational differences, research methods and how job seekers are treating new jobs.

How People Job Hunt In 2012 [Infographic]

infographic The New Job Hunt - Infographic from Careerbuilder and The UndercoverRecruiter / . Image Description The New Job Hunt - Infographic from Caree

Technology lets you work anywhere, so what's holding you back?  Where are you most creative?  http://www.virgin.com/disruptors/wellbeing-four-ways-to-make-the-most-of-flexible-working #MondayMotivation #PulseDisruptors

Wellbeing: Four ways to make the most of flexible working

NY from a different point of view

Photographer Jomeyra Texeira has captured pictures of the city she lives and works : New-York. A breathtaking series that take us in the streets and underground

Chic Showcase: Betta Living and Household Chores

Chic Showcase: Betta Living and Household Chores

A new UK-wide survey by Betta Living has revealed the nation’s top 10 domestic chores that are causing huge tension in today's homes.

With the future revolving around constant change, having these skills helps to lead the company into the future.

What skills will you need to succeed in the future? Top 10 skills for the successful Century Worker.

Edinburgh Information Centre

Edinburgh Information Centre