I feel like that would be me, and I would be having a really deep conversation with it in his I should be in ravenclaw or Slytherin, and how I AM NOT GOING INTO BLOODY GRIFFINDOR!!!!

Harry potter facts - sorting hat - something I never knew. I would most likely cause a hatstall. No wonder I didn't get my letter I have to wait 50 years. Answer to my question solved

IMDB only counts three... Richard Bremmer (1), Christian Coulson (as Tom Marvolo Riddle), Ralph Fiennes (4, 5, and both 7).

No, only one actor played Voldemort. Ralph Fiennes played the role of Voldy, but maybe he had a stand in or a body double.

Harry potter

Harry Potter Facts Harry sometimes returns to Hogwarts to give talks about Defense Against the Dark Arts.