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Explore Kimchi, Dealleader Shared and more! | DIY Kimchi Kit & Cookbook - Everyone needs a kimchi cookbook!

12 Kinds of tea you can find in Korea in one handy infographic

So these don't include all of the types of tea you can find, but basically 12 of the most popular. Some are unique to Korea, and some are not. My personal fav? Citron and Green Tea. Citron i...

Kimchi Recipes and Tips

DIY kimchi is one of the more accessible at home food projects out there: it doesn’t require much more than some basic ingredients, the lidded crock or container of your

Pergola Rosso Italian red wine

The 2010 Angelini Pergola Rosso ($17; click here to find it near you) has a soft lavender bouquet and tastes like an insane Jolly Rancher made from wild roses, cherries and strawberries. The wine should be served slightly chilled.

How many of you think you are eating enough of the things on the left? Ummm...yeah...have you tried kimchi? I think I will stick to my probio5. In fact, it would take me a whole pack of activia yogurt to equal just one probio5 serving! I like yogurt but not that much...

Pickled Pears

Recipe: Pickled Pears - "We love the way these quickly pickled, supercrisp pears play off the briny and intense kimchi."

Simple small apartment for a easy living. What could have been. No need of "stuff". The essentials to be comfortable and able to focus on the important. #apartment