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Live to 110 Podcast: Why Your Pet Should Eat a Primal Diet with Marc Ching

Live to 110 Podcast: Why Your Pet Should Eat a Primal Diet with Marc Ching

Life of a puppymill dog, unloved, uncared for....forgotten Please, do NOT BUY...ADOPT.

Puppy Farming needs 2 end! Please share, it only takes but if it stops u frm buying frm a puppy farm then it's worth it. DO NOT buy from pet shops & DO NOT buy puppies when u can't see mum & dad! RESCUE frm death at th shelter!

Right in the feels... i just dont understand how people can not see the love in this little creatures, and treat them like crap =(

We all know dogs are loyal, but this is so moving…

Dog waiting for master at church Tommy (the dog) attends mass at this church everyday because this is where he last seen his owner

You can connect with your dogs via internet (Skype).

Guy Skyped with his dog after not seeing him in 5 months, and received this picture from his mom after they disconnected. Dogs are the only animals that love their owner more than themselves.so sweet. *Be still my heart*


Oh man. my dogs try to save me from the vacuum cleaner all the time. next time I will try and remember that they do it out of love and protection :)


16 DIY Dog Projects Your Fur Baby Will Thank You For

DIY Dog Clothes--How to turn a baby onsie into a dog shirt! This is so helpful because baby clothes are WAY cheaper than dog clothes

DIY Pet Bed

Camita para mascota paso a paso - DIY Dog Bed diy craft crafts craft ideas diy ideas diy crafts diy furniture home crafts diy decorations craft decor pet crafts

DIY Road Trip Ideas For Your Pet

Essential Road Trip Items

DIY Road Trip Ideas For Your Pet -- rest of the list is about other DIY road trippy stuff, but this image is a good reminder of some basics and suggests some cool-looking products that I think I want to look into for the kids

When food goes to the Dogs: Safe People FOOD for Furry Friends

when food goes to the dogs : SAFE PEOPLE FOOD FOR FUR FRIENDS : infographic

No matter how large or small your dog is, if there is any risk of encountering wild animals, you have to be careful and know how to keep your dog safe from wild animals. Your best friend may seem strong…Read more →

The German Shepherd     (Dejah)

The German Shepherd (Dejah)